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Recycling Infographic, Muse Magazine 2019Future of Farming for Muse Magazine, 2019Crocs-Scene from My Father's DragonCaturday NightPeacock Goes SkatingCacao Pods--Illustration for ASK Magazine, Cricket MediaUnfair At The FairCaturdayThe Happy HippoTed. Lion and Bird Outrun The Giant TumbleweedLion and Bird Tackle A Few FearsMythical Beasts, Horse Illustrations for Faces Magazine, Cricket Media, October 2017 (page 1)Beatrice and Hector- a snippet of this imagined graphic novel "Bounce"LuckyCover for Spring 2017 No Depression magazine Henrietta and Mel Face Their FearsIn Training Faces Magazine (October 2016 issue) 
Iroquois Folk Tale Illustration 
Cricket Media Bears Day OutThe White Cat
Picture Book Cover Mock-UpTire Games Little Red Riding HoodReading and WritingMediation EditorialCampfire CrittersPlaygroundHominy--accompanies this article from Huffington Post--http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/23/hominy-what-is-it_n_5515126.htmlWindow WasherPuppy Dog DreamsScottiesABC is for...DE is for ElephantF is for Frog"G"H"I""J"K"L"MNOP is for Pink Poodle Painting PicklesQRSTUVW and XYZNight Sky Fireworks
Kid Lit Illustration