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Henrietta and Mel Face Their FearsCover for Spring 2017 No Depression magazine Faces Magazine (October 2016 issue) 
Iroquois Folk Tale Illustration 
Cricket Media Ted. Lion Ted IILion and Bird Outrun The Giant TumbleweedIn Training Bears Day Out"Bounce"LuckyTire Games Little Red Riding HoodReading and WritingMediation EditorialCampfire CrittersPlaygroundHominy--accompanies this article from Huffington Post--http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/23/hominy-what-is-it_n_5515126.htmlWindow WasherPuppy Dog DreamsScottiesABC is for...DE is for ElephantF is for Frog"G"H"I""J"K"L"MNOP is for Pink Poodle Painting PicklesQRSTUVW and XYZNight Sky Fireworks
Picture Book Illustration